New Location for 2021!

Now closer to the heart of the Festival. Glamping will now be located near the Launch of the Lakes area across from Camping Section D.

  • Private, fenced off area for Glamping customers only.

Also known as luxury camping or glamorous camping, Glamping is a way to experience traditional camping without having to "rough it"!

Included in each 12'x14' safari-style glamping tent:
- Four (4) cots with linens, sleeping bags, and pillows
- Two (2) parking passes
- Two (2) side tables
- Two (2) camp chairs
- One (1) battery pack for charging of electronics, etc.
- Two (2) lanterns
- 5' x 8' entry rug

A brand new shower house and bathrooms, completed in early 2020, is located just steps away from the Glamping area.
Limited to four (4) guests per tent. Area features comfortable seating and communal firepit.

Glamping: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I bring?
-A small luggage lock for tent (please don't bring any valuables. If you must, keep them locked and out of view in your vehicle
-Warm clothes for cool nights, including a sweater or coat
-Rain gear, just in case
-Sunscreen/sunglasses/hat for shade (limit one fedora per crew)
-Ear plugs
-Camera/Camera phone
-Party pants
-Clear bag for merchandise purchased
-Cooler for glampsite
-Comfortable shoes
-Small grill for cooking at glampsite. Small portable propane camp stoves will be allowed. No charcoal grills, please.
-Bottled water
-A flag or balloon to identify your campsite
-Lawn chair(s)
When should I arrive?
- Glamping opens at 9:00 a.m. on Friday of festival weekend and closes at 12:00 p.m. on the following Monday
Can I bring my own food/drinks?
- You can bring all the food and drinks you want into the Glamping area, but no outside food or beverages are permitted inside of
the festival itself.
What do my tickets mean?
- You will receive a Glamping credential, which will give you access to the Glamping area
- Your festival admission wristband and Glamping credential must be with you at all times. These will grant you access to these areas.
- All Glamping parking passes must be kept in your car and in clear view
Can I bring my own firewood?
- There will be a communal firepit set up inside the Glamping area. For the safety of all guests, we ask that you only use that firepit and
the supplied wood. No need to bring any of your own firewood to The Glen.
Where should I park?
- There will be an exclusive parking location near the Glamping area. Each package comes with two weekend parking passes. If you're
coming as a large group, we recommend carpooling to ensure there's enough space for everyone to park.
Will there be showers/bathrooms on-site?

- Yes, there are free bathrooms and showers on-site. There are also portable bathrooms throughout the whole facility. Please refer to the
facility map for shower/bathroom locations.
- A brand new shower house and bathrooms, completed early 2020, is located just steps away from the Glamping area.

Are pets allowed?
- Yes, pets are allowed in camping/glamping areas only and must be kept on a six-foot leash at all times. Please be sure to clean up any
"debris" left behind by your pet. Service animals are admitted everywhere with their handler.
Where do I pick up my will-call tickets?
- Will Call tickets can be picked up at the festival ticket office, located near the festival entrance, on Saturday and Sunday. When the festival
ticket office is closed, you can still pick up your tickets at Gate 2.
- For Friday's Yancey's Fancy Launch of the Lakes, will call is located at the entrance of that event starting at 5pm.
- Until 5pm on Friday, will call tickets can be picked up at the ticket office located on the corner of County Route 16 and Bronson Hill Road (Gate 4A)
What is security going to be like?
- Event staff - including trained, professional security, mounted (horse) patrols and police - will be present in and around the grounds for the duration
of the event.
Will there be a lost & found? (key, phone, wallet, etc.)
- Yes, it's located at the festival office at the north end of the Tasting Area A, or you can click here to see if your lost item has been turned in.
Will there be first aid on site?
- Yes. First aid stations will be on-site, clearly visible to find, and clearly marked on the maps.
Am I going to have a good time?

- It's the biggest/best party of the summer. You decide. 90+ New York wineries, artisan food vendors, pace car rides, craft vendors, live music and
entertainment are all waiting to be discovered!