Explore our unique community of craft vendors and Festival merchandise

Looking for that perfect gift, oddity, or an item to remember your Finger Lakes Wine Festival experience by? The list of attending craft and merchandise vendors grows each and every year. Be sure you take some time to explore these booths on Festival weekend!

If you are a non-agricultural vendor interested in participating at the next Finger Lakes Wine Festival, click here for an application.

If you are an agricultural vendor interested in participating at the next Finger Lakes Wine Festival, click here for an application.

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Last updated: 7.12.2019

 Vendor Description  
Alliger's House of Wings   Alliger's House of Wings famous wing sauce  
American Glassware   LOLITA "Love my Wine" Glassware Collection   
Amish Villa   Outdoor polywood furniture and folding wine caddy table   
Amyazingly Beautiful      Skin care made from reservatrol - active ingredient found in grapes/wine     
AOS Metals   Hand-crafted metal accessories by metalsmith Kari Johnson  
AromaTheraPutty      Hand-blended silicone-based putty infused with essential oils     
Arts Hand Made   Dresses, handmade sweaters, hats, hand bags, flutes, jewelry  
Atlas Ornamentation      Wind chimes, mobiles, and key chains made from silver plated items   
Bamboo Pillows - Massaging Pillows      Bamboo pillows, sheets, and massaging pillows   
Bayside Wood Products, Inc.      Hardwood cutting boards, wine glass holders, and wine bottle balancers     
Blazing Bella Balsamic      Create your own gift box with our flavor-infused balsamic and olive oils   
Belfast Inc.   Vineyard and farming support equipment  
Bente Designs   Leather jewelry, silk wrap bracelets, metal bangles   
Brown's Cigar Store      Handmade premium cigars and accessories     
BSB Contracting      Engineered housing informational exhibit     
Buckeye Chocolate Company   Gourmet chocolates and fudge     
Burning Asphalt Sauces   BBQ & hot sauces, rubs, salsa, seasonings, pasta sauces, wing sauce & more     
Catrina's Spicy Spiral Table Runners      Hand quilted table runners and gnome bottle toppers  
Cool Air Chairs   Cool air chairs  
Corkles      Handmade wine stoppers and other cork gifts   
Cayuga Lake Wine Trail   Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, America's first. Taste a bit of history.  
Cheese Filled Company   Cheese filled pepperoni and pickles, cheese spreads and pickled pepperoni  
Christopher Mize Studio, "Virginia's Wine Artist"      Oil on canvas paintings & prints of wine and beer still life      
Chocolate Moonshine   Handmade hand-painted chocolate bars and fudge - low in sugar & gluten free   
Clarkys Twisted Sauce   Sweet, smokey, full-flavored twisted BBQ with a kick at the end!   
CNY Massage   Chair Massages: $1 per minute   
Corning Museum of Glass   Museum in Corning, New York dedicate to the art, science, and history of glass  
Creative Gifts by Teresa      Gifts created from recycled wine bottles and handmade children's costumes   
Cruise Planners      Travel planning service  
Crystal City Psychic   Palm & Tarot Card Readings  
Cutco Cutlery and Cookware      Cutlery and cookware for the executive chef or the passionate home cook      
D'Angelo Boutique and Cigars Art Studio      Hand-rolled Cuban-seeded Dominican cigars, wine and grain cured   
Dar's Delights Homemade Ice Cream      Homemade Ice Cream   
Dazzle Studios      Artist collective producing handmade jewelry and retailing the work of others   
DeMoy Jewelry Designs   Hand-forged metal jewelry using sterling silver, copper, brass, and bronze   
DigandBark.com   Original designs & hand screen-printed fun wear for dog's best friend   
Dimms Original Spice Co.      18 Flavors of Hard Pretzel  
Dip-pity Do Da   Gourmet dip mixes. 15 savory flavors, 8 dessert/cheesecake and oil samples  
Dorset Maple Reserve   Artisan Style Maple Syrups   
East End Foodies/Seven Barrels      Premium CA-infused oils, aged balsamic vinegars and related condiments   
European Almonds      Cinnamon-roasted nuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, funnel cakes, salted nuts, lemonade   
Finger Lakes Harvest      Shrub (vinegar preserved fruit beverage), shrub punch, wine cake   
First-N-Ten   Fun, family game that can be played at home or on-the-go!   
Festival Merchandise (Official)      Festival souvenirs, apparel, wine glasses, wine glass holders, and more   
Fly Dye Clothing   Unique hand-dyed clothing and accessories and flame work glass jewelry  
For Claudia's Sayke   Handmade skin care products, soy candles, and steampunk jewelry   
Fortuna's Sausage Company      Quality sausages and Italian market   
Fourth Creek Foods      Various gourmet relishes and condiments   
Glorious Gardens by Gretchen   Hand-painted original designs on glassware, mirrors, shells, frames, and more   
Got Chocolate   Organic cookies, about six (6) different varieties   
Gourmet Creations      25+ herb/spice mixes. Veggie, olive oil, blends, dessert. Samples available   
Gusto Della Vita      Extra virgin olive oils, gourmet vinegars with original and unique flavors   
Hliker Haven Farm and Apiary      Local raw honey & homemade jams/jellies from local fruits and berries   
Hip Klips      Women's cell phone pocket accessory   
Holly P. Saucery      2-time National Award-winning BBQ sauces, created locally   
Homestead Crafters      Wood signs - carved & painted or customized   
HRLMS Creations by Heather Laughlin   Jewelry from upcycled and repurposed sterling silver and antiques   
Hungry Hound Beer Grain Treats      Dog treats made with spent brewers grain from breweries all over NY & PA.   
I'm Not Gonna Get Ticked   All natural tick and mosquito repellent for humans and pets   
J&S Sales      Ladies clothing and accessories - dresses, tops, skirts, aprons, and more   
Janie's Closet   Exclusive women's apparel, designer purses, fashion jewelry & accessories  
JD Gourmet      Gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars   
Jerky James Fine Meats      Gourmet smoked beef and chicken jerky in various flavors, and dried fruits   
JJ Sportswear      Tropical sundresses and embellished tank tops   
Joe's Jerky      Beef jerky, hot sauce, and other locally-made packaged food products   
Just Beachy      Authentic, hand-crafted beachglass jewelry and mosaic art  
Kardon Crafts      Hand painted wine glasses and other glassware   
K.B. White Farm   Handmade cold process soaps and body care. All natural and full of goodness!   
Kelly & Ko   BruMate insulated wine/beer cups/koozies/growl'rs   
Kim's Cheesecake on a Stick      Cheesecake and bananas on a stick with toppings   
Kissed by the Sun   Seasoned sea salt, pepper and herbs, garlic and herbs, sweet/hot peppers blend   
Kitchen Craft   American-made stainless steel cookware demonstrations   
L&J Creations   Hand-painted wine glasses, vases, and wine candle holders  
Lake Country Geothermal      Geothermal heating and cooling information   
Lake to Lake Real Estate      Finger Lakes area homes for sale   
LeafFilter of New York   LeafFilter Gutter Protection   
LuLaRoe - Amanda Hirko Rasbeck      Amazing comfortable womens and childrens clothing made for every style, size   
LuLaRoe - Kinner's Closet      LuLaRoe clothing in various styles   
LuLaRoe - Lori O'Reilly VIP   LuLaRoe dresses, skirts, shirts, leggings in sizes ranging from XXS-3XL   
Mass Vision      Polarized bifocals, full reading sunglasses, fit-over sunglasses, and more   
Mo'Darva Glass      Fused Glass mosaic framed mirrors, plates, jewelry, head wreaths   
Mountainside Coffee      Over 20 different blends of coffee, tea, hot chocolate k-cups   
Nana's Topping   Peanut butter fudge topping   
Old Saratoga Spice Rub      Smoked salts, low-salt blends and several BBQ blends of dry spice mixes   
Olea Estates      Greek Artisanal Foods: organic olives & olive oil, vinegar, herbs and honey  
Partyka & Sons Farms      Dry roasted shelled pumpkin seeds      
Pink Zebra      Self-made candles using a variety of scents to create unique candles   
PJ Creations   Ladies boutique scarfs, jewelry, and handbags   
Purple Aster      Finger Lakes & Wine Jewelry made from handmade art glass beads   
Rachel's Custom Creations and Gifts      Hand decorated glassware   
Radisson Hotel Corning   Official hotel of the Finger Lakes Wine Festival  
Rhineland Cutlery      Forged high carbon German steel cutlery. Custom engraveable handle and blade   
Richard's Seagrass Hats      Seagrass Hats   
Roc City Roasting      Hot and iced coffee, nitro coffee, ice cold draft latte's and flavored tea   
Roc The Mint      Women's casual apparel and accessories   
RSharma   Casual and Hand-Beaded ladies clothing  
Saucy Confections      Gummy candies made with wine   
Savor      Sweet & savory high-end cookies   
Scenic Woodburnings & more      Woodburned ornaments, scenic decorations, signs, bottle openers, etc.   
Schweigarts Sugar Shack      Syrups, sauces, spreads, honey, and marinades   
Shanes Forever Files      Hand-painted Nail Files & Hand-crafted cutting boards   
Short Line Spikes      Railroad spikes welded into figurines depicting people in life situations   
Side Hill Farm      Goat cheese   
Smithhome Farms      Fresh kettle corn (gluten and peanut free)  
Smoke Shack Jerky   Local company specializing in hand-crafted smoked jerky & snack products   
Smokin Oak      Smoked meat snacks - beef, venison, buffalo and elk. Gourmet lollipops   
Solidify   3D statues made from your photo taken on-site  
Stellascloset.com      Handmade original designs in natural stone & leather. Soaps and accessories.   
Sugarhill Farm      Natural products that are as good for the earth as they are for your body   
Sundae's Handmade Soaps   Uniquely decorated coconut oil handmade soaps   
Sunflower Trading Co.      Hats of all sorts to keep you cool, dry and tasting wine   
Swirly Bracelets      Hand-crafted wrap-around bracelets in dozens of colors & 3 sizes to fit all  
TC's      Sauces, marinades, beef jerky   
The Hair Jeweler   Beaded hair clips   
The Olive Oil Factory      Specialty gourmet olive oils and vinegars; Family owned and award-winning   
The Oyster's Pearl      Oyster's with wish pearls, mountings, and necklaces, beaded bracelets   
The Peanut Principle   Handcrafted nut/seed butters made from local, non-GMO, organic ingredients   
Tilley's Favorite Dog Biscuits      All natural, preservative-free, homemade dog biscuits & other natural chews   
Tipsy Foods      Wine, beer, and spirits infused sauces (Non-alcoholic)   
Toby's Treasures      Sterling silver rings, earrings, pendants, magnetic wrap bracelets and necklaces   
Toe Ring Creations      Fitted toe rings and thumb rings, ankle bracelets   
Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski      Genuine Swarovski jewelry   
Tuff Spas   Portable, above ground hot tubs   
Turquoise Terrapin      Vibrant handmade jewelry featuring gemstones, leather, and feathers   
Vivify All-Natural Therapy   Therapeutic heating pads and tens unit massagers   
Walnut Ridge Designs   Bohemian-style, nature inspired artisan jewelry   
Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce   Area Information  
We R Nuts      Roasted almonds, cashews & pecans in 20+ flavors   
Whisker Biscuits      Handmade all natural dog, cat, and horse treats   
Wicked Buy   Glassware handcrafted from upcycled bottles - lighting, candles, and more   
WonderPax   Reusable heat packs in various forms/sizes: e.g. hands, neck/shoulder, etc.   
Wood's Vermont Syrup Co.      Bourbon barrel aged maple syrup and other specialty syrups and candy   
Woody's Maple      Pure New York State Maple Syrup, Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, Maple Products  
Worldling's Pleasure   Cheese dips, spreads, cheesecakes made from local ingredients   
Wy's Wings   Buffalo wing sauces and a variety of other sauces   
Yancey's Fancy   Hand-crafted cheese samples and sales   
Your Birth Moon   The phase of the moon your special day. Hand made, glow-in-the-dark   
Your CBD Store   Organic health alternative products made w/ CBD, a plant-compound extract   
Zee Zees Trading Company      Hanging hammock chairs and seagrass hats