Let’s Wine About It: Happy Red Wine Day!

Happy Red Wine Day!

“Sip” back and relax today while you learn about America’s favorite type of wine (sorry white wine lovers!):

  1. It’s actually good for you! Studies show that the antioxidants found in reds can lower the chances of developing type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Just make sure you drink in moderation, or the negative effects will outweigh the health benefits.

  2. As red wine ages, it loses its vibrant coloring for a paler, more translucent look.

  3. The difference between red and white wine isn’t the type of grape. In fact, red wine grapes can be used to make whites. Instead, red wine develops its color from the grape skins, which are present during the fermentation process.

  4. China surpassed both Italy and France in red wine consumption, and now consumes more red wine than anywhere else in the world!

  5. The oldest woman in the world, Jeanne Calment, lived to be 122. Her secret? Her diet, which consisted of two pounds of chocolate each week, lots of olive oil, and port wine!

We’re celebrating on Seneca Lake today with a glass of Castel Grisch Winery’s Seneca Dream Red. This red blend is a perfect table wine, as its semi-sweet flavor will please any wine lover. The wine’s deep pink color is reminiscent of strawberries and grapefruits, which can both be tasted in this wine as well! This wine can be purchased for just $11.99/bottle, which clearly reflects Castel Grisch Winery’s commitment to affordable quality wines.

Castel Grisch Winery has been a fan-favorite at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival for 25 years. This winery was founded by a Swiss family who chose the location based on its hillside and lake views, as they reminded the family of Switzerland. Check out these views while in their tasting room, gift shop, and vineyards! Castel Grisch Winery is located in Watkins Glen, less than 15 minutes from the Festival grounds. Purchase Seneca Dream Red, or any one of their affordable wines, on their website.