Let’s Wine About It: Happy Pinot Noir Day!

Happy Pinot Noir Day!

While we celebrate with a glass (or two), let’s dive in to some fun facts about this popular varietal:

  1. Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Blanc all have the same DNA. The only difference between these three grapes? Color mutations in Pinot Grigio and Pinot Blanc that do not occur in Pinot Noir.

  2. The top three growers of Pinot Noir are, in order, France, the United States, and Germany.

  3. “Pinot Noir” is French for “black pine”, which is a nod to the grape cluster’s compact, cone-like structure.

  4. Pinot Noir is one of the world’s oldest grapes- we can trace it back to before the Romans!

  5. These grapes are very hard to grow. Their thin skin makes them very sensitive to light, soil, and pruning techniques, as well as more susceptible to disease.

Today, we’re raising a glass of Wagner Vineyard Estate Winery’s Pinot Noir Grace House. The grapes used in this 2018 Vintage were hand-picked and aged in a combination of French Oak and older American Oak barrels. This dry wine pairs well with grilled veggies, fish, pasta, and poultry dishes. While drinking this medium-bodied wine, you’ll pick up a bouquet of raspberries and blackberries, and may even catch notes of spicy cinnamon. At just $16.99/bottle, it’s easy to see why this wine is a Wagner Vineyard Estate Winery favorite!

Wagner Vineyards Estate Winery has been coming to the Finger Lakes Wine Festival for 25 years! Family-owned and operated since its founding in 1979, Wagner Vineyards can be found in Lodi, NY, which is just a short 27-minute drive from the Festival grounds. They have over 30 award-winning wines that will satisfy any wine drinker! Visit their website to make a reservation for a tasting, purchase one of their wines, or join the Octagon Cellar Club Choice.